Practical TeX 2018 - Program & participants

Accepted presentations for the conference and registered participants will be listed here in due time. For now, please see these links:

Accepted presentations (to date)

  1. David Walden, Continuing “An informal look into the history of digital typography”


  1. Jessica Adams, Rochester Institute of Technology
  2. William Adams, Mechanicsburg, PA
  3. Pavneet Arora, Bolton, ON
  4. Brian Bartling, AMS
  5. Barbara Beeton, AMS
  6. Karl Berry, Bandon, OR
  7. Vincent Goulet, Université Laval
  8. Steve Grathwohl, Chapel Hill, NC
  9. Jim Hefferon, Saint Michael's College
  10. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  11. Kim Nesbitt, Ottawa, ON
  12. Michael Sofka, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  13. Boris Veytsman, Brisbane, CA
  14. David Walden, E. Sandwich, MA
  15. Kris Holmes (special guest), Bigelow & Holmes

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