TeXLive::TLConfig -- TeX Live configuration parameters


use TeXLive::TLConfig;


The TeXLive::TLConfig module contains definitions of variables configuring all of TeX Live.


All of the following variables are pulled into the callers namespace, i.e., are declared with EXPORT (and EXPORT_OK).


The list of meta categories, i.e., those categories whose packages only depend on other packages, but don't ship any files. Currently Collection and <Scheme>.


The list of normal categories, i.e., those categories whose packages do ship files. Currently TLCore, Package, ConTeXt.


The list of all categories, i.e., the union of the above.


A regexp matching any category.


The default category used when creating new packages.


The subdirectory with various infrastructure files (texlive.tlpdb, tlpobj files, ...) relative to the root of the installation; currently tlpkg.


The name of our so-called database file: texlive.tlpdb. It's just a plain text file, not any kind of relational or other database.


Concatenation of InfraLocation "/" DatabaseName, i.e., tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.


The assumed block size, currently 4k.

$TeXLive::TLConfig::Archive =item $TeXLive::TLConfig::TeXLiveURL

These values specify where to find packages.

$TeXLive::TLConfig::TeXLiveServerURL =item $TeXLive::TLConfig::TeXLiveServerURLRegexp =item $TeXLive::TLConfig::TeXLiveServerPath

TeXLiveURL is concatenated from these values, with a string between. The defaults are respectively, and systems/texlive/tlnet/.

@TeXLive::TLConfig::CriticalPackagesList =item @TeXLive::TLConfig::CriticalPackagesRegexp

A list of all those packages which we do not update regularly since they are too central, currently texlive.infra and (for Windows) tlperl.win32.


A list of packages that are required in addition to those from @CriticalPackagesList for the installer to be able to conclude installation.


The texmf-tree name that can be relocated, defaults to texmf-dist.


The string that replaces the RelocTree in the tlpdb if a package is relocated, defaults to RELOC".


All the other TeX Live modules and scripts, especially tlmgr and install-tl, and the documentation in the repository: Master/tlpkg/doc/.


This script and its documentation were written for the TeX Live distribution ( and both are licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later.